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Chris Johnson Says He?s Ready To Workout, For Somebody

If April 7 gets here and I am on the Tennessee roster, then I am going to show up ready to go. Of course, that gives the Titans plenty of time to make a deal, and there seems to be a market ,withJohnson is willing to restructure a contract thats scheduled to pay him $8 million. max workouts The Titans wont want him working out there, as workouts an injury would put them on the hook for the amount. They banned former quarterback Steve McNair from the program image source under similar circumstances in 2006 before dealing him to the Ravens. Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt was noncommittal about Johnson when asked Tuesday. This whole thing is a process, Whisenhunt said. Theres not a timetable on doing it. Were trying to do whats best for the team. Were certainly sensitive to try and resolve this whole deal sooner than later.
Read more: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/03/26/chris-johnson-says-hes-ready-to-workout-for-somebody/

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